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Direct Mail Marketing and the Irresistible Offer

"Response Rate Report" shows direct mail attains higher response rates than digital media-Madison WI-Mail Muscle

The Direct Marketing Association’s “Response Rate Report” shows direct mail attains higher response rates than digital media

Direct mail marketing continues to get response at the highest levels. The Direct Marketing Association publishes a report annually titled the Response Rate Report. In short, direct mail gets higher response rates than any other direct marketing medium and email marketing delivers a higher ROI.

Of course, sending emails to people you know, to sell additional products and services they are familiar with, explains the higher ROI. Direct mail provides the foundation for direct marketers looking to build an email list able to actually produce higher ROI figures.

How Irresistible Offers Can Affect Response and ROI

What is an irresistible offer you ask? It is an offer delivered to targeted prospects that is very specific, tangible in that it has obvious value to the recipient and can benefit new customers immediately. Part of the allure is the offer must be exciting so it will capture the attention of your prospects and break the norm to which consumers have grown accustomed. Continue reading

Direct Mail Marketing – Winning Medium – Less Competition

81 Percent People Scan Direct Mail Daily - Mail Muscle-Madison WI

Consumers look forward to receiving and reviewing mail

Direct mail marketing is in a time of transition and opportunity.

The internet has impacted the way consumers gather information and as a result how marketers approach connecting with them. Many companies have adopted aggressive web strategies using their websites as a foundation for blogging, video, information posts, surveys and interactive promotions.

Coupling that activity with consumers using email, Skype, texting and other communication tools/programs, and it is no wonder why the volume of mail has decreased. Continue reading

Direct Mail Marketing is Dead – New Millennium Myth

direct mail marketing-Post card-Mail Muscle-Madison WI

Direct mail marketing when employed correctly can be more effective than ever even in the internet age

The demise of direct mail marketing and other print media has been predicted since the internet began hitting its stride in the late 1990’s.

However, don’t expect direct mail marketing and print media to “go away”. What you can expect is for marketers to adapt their print media strategies, including direct mail, to consumer behaviors. Don’t forget magazines such as LOOK, LIFE and Saturday Evening Post, some of most widely circulated magazines of last century, adapted to the introduction of broadcast media. All still exist in one form or another, even though their demise was predicted half a century ago. They adapted their editorial, distribution and ad sales and continued to provide consumers news and entertainment.  Continue reading

Why Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing-Mail Muscle-Madison WI

The ‘Mail Moment’ happens in every household

The question should be ‘why not direct mail?’.

Why not, indeed.  At a time when consumers are being bombarded from every direction at literally every minute of day by electronic and digital media, direct mail offers an advertising medium that is intimate and a consumer can choose to read on their own terms, when he or she deems it appropriate.

Direct mail marketing has many qualities that make it more effective than ever and a great way to compliment electronic and digital options that are now so pervasive. Continue reading


72% bring mail in ASAP, when they first get home or when the mail arrives...

77% sort their mail immediately...

75% value the privacy of mail...

63% said an interesting-looking piece caused them to read it...

Source: USPS Mail Moment Research Study