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5 Direct Mail Mistakes We Help You Avoid

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Direct Mail is free if it works – we help make it work well!

Direct mail marketing gives marketers ongoing and near immediate feedback with the drop of each mailer. This is a great prospect when direct mail is successful, creating great response as well as sales.

However, on the opposite side of the discussion, it can be discouraging if there is something done incorrectly with your direct marketing effort and the response is low or non-existent. Simply said, knowing what not to do can make you direct marketing efforts less costly with markedly better response.

Below are listed five of the highest impact mistakes direct mail marketers make when executing a campaign. Our team at wants to help you avoid costly mistakes, making your direct marketing efforts the most successful they can be. Continue reading

10 Coupon Ideas For Effective Direct Marketing

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Using hard to resist bold offers gets the highest response

Direct marketing, and direct mail specifically, can deliver your message to a target audience like a laser beam.

However, getting to the right people is only half of the battle. Getting a response from a group of prospects is an entirely different matter. The offer you provide those prospects will be the incentive for them to respond to your direct marketing effort.

Your challenge when using direct mail is to develop an offer to motivate your prospects by giving them an offer they can’t refuse. Of course, your business situation is unique so the offer you create must be appropriate for your operating circumstances. Continue reading

Coupon Marketing – The Gift Delivered By Direct Marketing

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85% of women age 25 to 44 read direct marketing pieces

Using direct marketing to target consumers with specific coupon offers is one of the most effective tactics to build sales. Not only can you communicate to new high value prospects, you can reinforce your relationship with existing customers building the buyer behavior that builds your business.

Businesses of all sizes have used coupon delivery through a variety of direct marketing avenues to build business. Coupons delivered like a laser beam to very specific recipients reach out and pull in customers. And, because most offers are tailored to the audience receiving the direct mail, consumers accept, and respond well to the offers.

Continue reading

Target Marketing – Building Buyer Behavior With NEW NEIGHBORS Using Direct Mail

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Target marketing allows you to connect with New Neighbors meeting your demographic requirements delivering the highest ROI

Target marketing to “new neighbors” in your market area is an efficient and powerful use of direct mail.

Imagine a customizable direct mail program designed to allow you to connect with new arrivals in your market area to begin building buyer behavior in a positive way. By using timely target marketing techniques, you deliver to the specific demographic group you value very aggressive offers each month.

This type of target marketing program gives you the opportunity to build a relationship when customers are open to new options. Because these consumers have no established buying patterns in your market area, you have a great opportunity to build repeat business and turn a one time customer into and loyal repeat customer. Continue reading

Direct Marketing Beats Mass Advertising in Madison Wisconsin

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Direct marketing is the most efficient method of reaching the best prospects available in Madison WI

Direct marketing offers many advantages over mass advertising mediums.

Direct marketing, and specifically direct mail programs, allow businesses to target their marketing dollars in an extremely efficient manner. And given the sluggish state of the economy, the efficient use of direct mail marketing is a very important tool for the majority of businesses.

Most businesses are flooded from many directions with advertising options including television, radio, magazine, yellow pages, outdoor, etc.. More often than not these multiple options cause confusion. This confusion deepens when there is a limited budget. The questions is usually ‘Which option is best for our needs?’. Continue reading


72% bring mail in ASAP, when they first get home or when the mail arrives...

77% sort their mail immediately...

75% value the privacy of mail...

63% said an interesting-looking piece caused them to read it...

Source: USPS Mail Moment Research Study