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Target Marketing – Building Buyer Behavior With NEW NEIGHBORS Using Direct Mail

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Target marketing allows you to connect with New Neighbors meeting your demographic requirements delivering the highest ROI

Target marketing to “new neighbors” in your market area is an efficient and powerful use of direct mail.

Imagine a customizable direct mail program designed to allow you to connect with new arrivals in your market area to begin building buyer behavior in a positive way. By using timely target marketing techniques, you deliver to the specific demographic group you value very aggressive offers each month.

This type of target marketing program gives you the opportunity to build a relationship when customers are open to new options. Because these consumers have no established buying patterns in your market area, you have a great opportunity to build repeat business and turn a one time customer into and loyal repeat customer. Continue reading


72% bring mail in ASAP, when they first get home or when the mail arrives...

77% sort their mail immediately...

75% value the privacy of mail...

63% said an interesting-looking piece caused them to read it...

Source: USPS Mail Moment Research Study