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Coupon Marketing – The Gift Delivered By Direct Marketing

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85% of women age 25 to 44 read direct marketing pieces

Using direct marketing to target consumers with specific coupon offers is one of the most effective tactics to build sales. Not only can you communicate to new high value prospects, you can reinforce your relationship with existing customers building the buyer behavior that builds your business.

Businesses of all sizes have used coupon delivery through a variety of direct marketing avenues to build business. Coupons delivered like a laser beam to very specific recipients reach out and pull in customers. And, because most offers are tailored to the audience receiving the direct mail, consumers accept, and respond well to the offers.

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72% bring mail in ASAP, when they first get home or when the mail arrives...

77% sort their mail immediately...

75% value the privacy of mail...

63% said an interesting-looking piece caused them to read it...

Source: USPS Mail Moment Research Study