Brochure Printing: Tell it Like It is

1844LetsPrint showcases your company’s strengths through high-quality, full-color brochure printing, brochure design and on-target distribution.

A complete, turnkey printing services provider, 1844LetsPrint is your one-stop source for brochure printing, graphic design, list development, distribution and complete and unique direct mail marketing programs.

Brochure Printing – The Next Best Thing to Being There!

When you need to “explain” the features and benefits of your business, but can’t be there in person, a full-color, professionally designed and executed brochure is the answer.

1844LetsPrint brings together a cadre of professionals to provide extensive printing services, including attention-getting brochure design, brochure printing and delivery to your prime targets. In short, complete printing services.

The Right Impression with Expert Brochure Design

3D-brochure-whiteSome products and services require more details to explain how they work for your customers and prospects. When you’re getting technical and you can’t be face-to-face with all the decision-makers, a complete, concise brochure not only promotes your message but it promotes the overall image of your organization. High-quality brochure printing creates a strong impression!


Just like 1844LetsPrint isn’t another “Big Box” print shop, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your brochure printing needs. There are multiple shapes, multiple sizes and multiple brochure design elements at your disposal.

Let the professionals at 1844LetsPrint step in and become an extension of your in-house marketing team for brochure printing, brochure design and a myriad of additional printing services—all with a quick-turnaround at the most competitive prices.

Deliver your message to your target audience at the right time without filters and competitors. Bring your brochure printing needs to 1844LetsPrint today for fast, friendly service and Nationwide shipping!

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Brochure Pricing: 80# or 100# Gloss Text Stock w/ Aqueous Coating, or 80# Matte

8.5 x 11

QuantityGloss Stock
80# Text
Gloss Stock
100# Text
Matte Stock
80# Text
100$70.99$74.99Call for Estimate
250$199.99$209.99Call for Estimate
500$227.99$239.99Call for Estimate
1,000$294.99$309.99Call for Estimate
2,500$351.99$369.99Call for Estimate
5,000$569.99$599.99Call for Estimate
7,500$726.99$764.99Call for Estimate
10,000$902.99$949.99Call for Estimate
15,000+$1,234.99$1,299.99Call for Estimate

8.5 x 14

QuantityGloss Stock
80# Text
Gloss Stock
100# Text
Matte Stock
80# Text
100$123.99$129.99Call for Estimate
250$261.99$274.99Call for Estimate
500$275.99$289.99Call for Estimate
1,000$322.99$339.99Call for Estimate
2,500$512.99$539.99Call for Estimate
5,000$807.99$849.99Call for Estimate
7,500$1,139.99$1,199.99Call for Estimate
10,000$1,424.99$1,499.99Call for Estimate
15,000$1,709.99$1,799.99Call for Estimate

11 x 17

QuantityGloss Stock
80# Text
Gloss Stock
100# Text
Matte Stock
80# Text
100$180.99$189.99Call for Estimate
250$303.99$319.99Call for Estimate
500$332.99$349.99Call for Estimate
1,000$379.99$399.99Call for Estimate
2,500$569.99$599.99Call for Estimate
5,000$854.99$899.99Call for Estimate
7,500$1,187.99$1,249.99Call for Estimate
10,000$1,472.99$1,549.99Call for Estimate
15,000$1,899.99$1,999.99Call for Estimate

11 x 25.5

QuantityGloss Stock
80# Text
Gloss Stock
100# Text
Matte Stock
80# Text
100Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
250Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
500Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
1,000Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
2,500Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
5,000Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
7,500Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
10,000Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
15,000+Call for EstimateCall for EstimateCall for Estimate
  • Prices Included: Review of your files via single PDF electronic proof. Printing of the brochures is in full color and printed on either 80lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating (C2S) or 100# Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating (C2S). Folding is included (standard folds included in price: half fold, trifold, and z fold. Some custom folding is available at additional charge. Shipping via UPS, FedEx, or USPS is not included. Rates will vary on weight and service level. Shipping point is Madison, WI.
  • Proofs: One electronic PDF proof is provided. If more than one electronic proof is requested/required an additional charge of $25.00 per proof may be added. Hardcopy proof is $45.00. Hardcopy proof includes next day delivery in one direction. The hardcopy proof must be returned to us prior to print production.
  • Production Time: Our standard production is 5 business days from time of proof approval. For rush production, please call us at 844-538-7774.
  • Design Services: File Correction Services start at $25. Minor Design Change Services start at $50. Full Service Custom Design Services start at $199.
  • Custom Service: Custom quotes can be provided for custom size brochures, different paper stock, different volumes, and custom folding services. Please use the online quote request clearly describing your needs or call us at 844-538-7774.
  • Payment and taxes: for payment we accept all major credit cards, cashiers check or bank wire transfer. Sale tax is added only in Wisconsin.

Standard Folding Styles. Contact us for other folding options.


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