Specialty Direct Mail – DAL Intellicard™ Postcards

The LetsPrint Detached Address Label (DAL) Postcard program leverages post office delivery rules and minimizes direct mail delivery expense. LetsPrint produces targeted direct mail programs designed to help businesses effectively deliver their messages in an cost efficient manner in Madison, WI and Champaign IL.
DAL Stacked Cards

Cost Effective and Bold Direct Mail With No Postage

The DAL Postcard direct mailing allows marketers to avoid postage expense. However, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Specific format is required
  • Must be saturation mailings of all carrier routes selected
  • Must be dropped on one of our six distribution dates per year

DAL Cost – Direct Mail for as Low as 17.25 Cents

Not just out in the mail for 17.25¢, but including all of the development and managing of the delivery process to your targeted audience. Cost will be 50-60% less than can be achieved with any other direct marketing source for solo postcard mailings. Call us today for a FREE quote.

Services included with the per piece price include:

  • Design
  • Layout
  • Print
  • List Management
  • Mailing
  • Just A Processing Fee

DAL Full Color Postcards

  • Free Standing Postcards – Individual Delivery
  • Exclusive single DAL Postcard
  • Postcards: 8.5” x 5.5”, 7” x 5”, 6” x 4”
  • Price Per Delivery – As low as 15.5¢ in mail, 17.5¢ average
  • All development, print and postage included
  • Six Delivery dates per year
  • Demographic selection
  • Age of home
  • Value of home
  • Household income
  • Single or multi family dwellings
  • Houses and Apartments (Either or Both)

For more information about Intelicard Detached Address Label programs, Direct Mail Marketing programs,
postcards or other direct mail options, call 1844LetsPrint and we can help you plan your next program.