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Direct Mail is more effective than ever!

Today’s digital revolution is creating entirely new ways to annoy consumers. Research shows they are now frequently ignoring emails, pop-ups, and online display messages. The constant barrage of pop-ups, re-targeted ads, endless emails and other digital messaging is exhausting consumers. Its digital fatigue.

So how can you, and your message, standout from this digital disaster?

How about strategically avoiding it!

Hit’em Where They Ain’t

Ask yourself, ‘how can I connect with my best prospects where they won’t automatically send my message to “junk mail”?’  How can you compete with everything coming through computers, tablets and smart phones including work (including personal communication with friends and family)?

Spoiler alert – it’s when they are reading their mail! NOT TV, radio or newspaper. (Yes, we said newspaper)

Reading mail is an escape for most people. It’s quiet time when people set aside their digital life and concentrate on what’s in their hands. Research shows consumers see reading their mail as quiet time when they can rejuvenate and avoid relentless and the invasive digital demons and electronic media stalking them.

Question – How Do You Know Your Best Prospects Are Reading Your Mail?

You know because you personally selected them.

The offer you make is tailor made for their needs and wants.

And, you know you are getting extremely high readership because reading physical mail has become an escape from the frantic pace of daily life. Surveys show people enjoy reading their mail😊 So your messages get read and responded to at a higher rates than digital outreach.

Back To The Future – What’s Old Is New

To help you take full advantage of this new old standby, 1844LetsPrint has created a FREE, comprehensive direct mail guide to illustrate each step of a successful direct mail campaign in today’s market.

The guide is complete with pointers on how to leverage new technology to create productive and profitable campaigns. You will also get “Red Flag” lists at each step in the process of things to avoid so you won’t sabotage your own mailing by being unaware of important steps.

Direct Mail – Unmatched Benefits

  • Highly Targeted Campaigns to eliminate waste
  • Extremely Measurable to build on your success
  • Individualized For Recipients so present a variety of offers within the same mailing (increasing response)
  • Cost Effective – Best postage rates when mailing lists are prepared correctly
  • Highly Flexible Formats to make appropriate changes when required
  • Tangible “Mail Moment” ensures your message will be read by nearly all recipients
  • Familiar Format consumers will review and act upon
  • Highest Readership because people are interested in what mail they received
  • Reinforces and supports other marketing efforts
  • Proven Track Record of SUCCESS over may years

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Be Sure Your ‘Ducks Are in a Row’

Direct mail is most successful when great care is taken in identifying the correct recipients, crafting a relevant message, providing an attractive offer, presenting a timely offer and monitoring response for improving your next mailing. The Direct Mail Guide is designed to help the average business person understand the opportunities when developing and executing a direct mail campaign. It will also show you common profit stealing mistakes. The topics below will show you how to save time, money and give you a competitive advantage old-timers have forgotten about and some new competitors have never known.

  • Basic Direct Mail Strategies
  • What id direct mail good for
  • 2 Step Marketing
  • Postcards Get You Noticed
  • How Much Return Do You Need?
  • All About Mailing Lists
  • 10 Elements of a Successful Design
  • Benefits, Benefits, Benefits
  • Offer Ideas & Strengths
  • How Much to Mail
  • Scheduling Your Campaigns
  • Repetition is Everything. Repetition is Everything.
  • Following Up

Do It Yourself – Or Hire the Best

No matter what direction you choose, the Direct Mail Guide will help you invest wisely and get the best possible return.

Should you want additional, detailed insight on any questions, our seasoned staff of direct mail pros will be happy to help you apply what you learn to your unique situation.

Submit the form below for your guide – or call xxx-xxx-xxxx for rock solid insight on how best to use direct mail in your marketing plan.

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