Direct Mail Marketing is Dead – New Millennium Myth

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Direct mail marketing when employed correctly can be more effective than ever even in the internet age

The demise of direct mail marketing and other print media has been predicted since the internet began hitting its stride in the late 1990’s.

However, don’t expect direct mail marketing and print media to “go away”. What you can expect is for marketers to adapt their print media strategies, including direct mail, to consumer behaviors. Don’t forget magazines such as LOOK, LIFE and Saturday Evening Post, some of most widely circulated magazines of last century, adapted to the introduction of broadcast media. All still exist in one form or another, even though their demise was predicted half a century ago. They adapted their editorial, distribution and ad sales and continued to provide consumers news and entertainment. 

The wild internet growth of the past decade has actually opened the doors to more opportunity for direct mail marketers. Print advertising still maintains a position as a powerful and necessary component of any ad campaign. Even while many businesses have migrated a significant portion their advertising efforts to the web because of cost effectiveness, exposure potential and convenience, a closer look at direct mail and print media shows real, tactical advantages over digital counterparts.

Direct Mail Marketing – Debunking The Myth

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Direct mail marketing and other print media allow for targeted & timely proactive delivery

Direct Mail Benefits With Less Printed Ads – Decreases in direct mail marketing in general gives marketers the opportunity to use direct mail strategically to have a large impact when consumers visit their mailboxes. Declining print ad volume can be leveraged to your marketing advantage. When the mail is less crowded, there is more opportunity for your materials to POP.

Direct Mail is Tangible – A print piece is a physical thing. Post cards, magazines and newspapers can be in homes and offices for months or even years. The internet is perishable and an ad can vanish into cyber space with a click of a mouse.

Direct Mail Builds Credibility – Consumers inherently know print advertising is an investment, giving added legitimacy to any message received in their mail box. On the internet, the saturation of popups and banner ads can be overwhelming and annoying to consumers, and along with the dread of spam and fear viruses, it’s enough curtail the clicking. There is no risk reading a print ad or a direct mail piece.

Direct Mail Improves Branding – solidifying your brand identity is easier with direct mail or other print ads. Because of the shelf life of many print vehicles, your message will be seen multiple times, reinforcing the image you want to portray.

Direct Mail Is Excellent For Target Marketing – Direct mail allows very specific delivery of your messages by targeting geography, income, age of home or many other specific qualifiers. Broadcast is very general and the internet does not allow for exact and timely placement of ads. Niche audiences are much easier to reach with direct mail and other print media. Direct mail marketing gives the best control over the “what, where, when and who” you reach with your marketing activities.

Direct Mail Is More Engaging – Consumers look forward to their daily mail moment. They are more engaged when reading printed material whereas websites are often skimmed in visits lasting only seconds.

QR Codes – Placing QR codes on printed materials allow integration of your print and web programs, creating more impact and possibly converting more leads. For example, when read with smartphones, QR codes can direct consumers to landing pages with specific offers. With the right type of prospects viewing tailored offers, conversion rates should be higher and more profitable.

Utilizing multiple marketing channels to reach target markets has always been goal of marketers. In this new age of the internet, direct mail marketing and other print media can be adapted to target specific demographics, giving marketers the chance to get higher conversion rates and a great ROI.

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