Why Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing-Mail Muscle-Madison WI

The ‘Mail Moment’ happens in every household

The question should be ‘why not direct mail?’.

Why not, indeed.  At a time when consumers are being bombarded from every direction at literally every minute of day by electronic and digital media, direct mail offers an advertising medium that is intimate and a consumer can choose to read on their own terms, when he or she deems it appropriate.

Direct mail marketing has many qualities that make it more effective than ever and a great way to compliment electronic and digital options that are now so pervasive.

Direct Mail Marketing Helps Create The ‘Mail Moment’

From sorting and organizing to allocating and reading, the Mail Moment defines the highly interactive daily ritual consumers devote to bringing in their Mail and discovering what it offers. The Mail Moment provides direct mail marketers with the unique opportunity to get their messages noticed and their offers considered.

Direct Mail Marketing-Mail Muscle-Madison WI

Direct Mail gets read by decision makers – and they WANT to read it

Direct mail connects in ways other media can’t match in that the mere process of bringing and reading the mail evokes emotion in the recipient. Consider the following direct mail facts –

56% say receiving Mail is a “real pleasure”

55% “look forward” to discovering the Mail they receive

67% feel Mail is more personal than the Internet

At this moment – in the market you want to reach – your ideal prospect is just waiting for the moment. She’s eager to invite you in to see what your message can bring to her life. She’s even willing to set aside time to focus solely on what you have to say.

This scenario reflects the findings of U.S. Postal Service® studies where consumers revealed just how important mail is to their daily lives. Each day, they open their mail with anticipation and give it their undivided attention. This ritual has been termed the ‘Mail Moment’, and an understanding of it helps marketers connect with consumers in an engaging, rich and personal manner. Below are are some of the key Mail Moment insights from the studies. All of this is directly relative to direct mail marketing.

Direct Mail Marketing-Mail Muscle-Madison WI

Mail marketing connects to consumers on an emotional level

Direct Mail Marketing Insight 1

Mail gets your message into waiting hands. Every day, people throughout the country look forward to receiving their mail. In fact, studies reveal they can’t wait to see what’s in their mailbox. Some of the findings –

98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered

Of these, 72% bring it in as soon as possible

77% sort through their mail immediately

Not only does your direct mail marketing piece get into the hands of consumers immediately – it gets into the hands of consumers who are eager to see what’s in their mail. No other media channel can provide such a remarkable opportunity to get your message noticed.

Direct Mail Marketing Insight 2

Mail takes you to the person in charge. According to the study, Mail is usually sorted by the person in charge of managing household operations. Of these sorters –

90% determine which mail is kept for review

81% review financial documents

84% are the principal grocery shoppers

The study also found that mail is placed where it’s seen and used and that it moves from room to room, allowing consumers to read it at their convenience. The bottom line is mail may be the easiest way to reach household and financial decision makers. Moreover, direct mail’s tangible, portable nature helps your message find its way to the family member with the greatest interest.

Direct Mail Marketing Insight 3

Mail boasts a loyal readership. In a world where everyone seems to have less time, consumers are still spending quite a bit of time with their mail. As part of their Mail Moment, consumers reserve time each day to sit down with their mail. USPS studies have found –

Consumers spend an average of 30 minutes reading their mail on any given occasion.

They spend 45 minutes with magazines, 30 minutes with catalogs and 25 minutes with Direct Mail.

Direct mail makes it possible to grab the complete attention of your existing customers and targeted prospects for up to a half hour.

Direct Mail Marketing Insight 4

Useful mail performs distinct tasks. More than ever, consumers are predisposed to commercial messages in their mail. They cite three “jobs” they want these commercial messages to help them perform –

Browsing for new consumption

Managing the home

Overseeing finances

Today, consumers expect to receive business correspondence in their mail. If your message helps them accomplish one or more of these jobs, they are more likely to read it.

Can any advertising medium offer more than direct mail marketing. Think of what studies show and what you have experienced yourself. The Mail Moment and your direct mail advertising deliver the following –

Head of household

Looking forward to getting the messages through mail

Sorts through mail messages immediately

Gives her undivided attention – to your message

For ideas on using direct mail marketing to help your business grow, contact Bob Dubester at 608-577-0506 or email.

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